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Years Going Forward, Will Be FREE, If You Consistently Bring Us New Authors Throughout The Year (minimum of 12 authors per year).

Example Of One Full-Page Ad:

Send This Information To Each Author That You Invite For A Single Book Listing:

  • Book Title
  • Book Genre
  • Author Full Name
  • Author Pen Name (if you use one)
  • Amazon Book Purchase Link (print and/or e-book)
  • Amazon Author’s Page Link (if you have one)
  • Professional Website Link
  • You Tube Book Video Trailer Link (if you have one)
  • Please send us your Author head-shot photo in Jpeg format
  • Facebook Link
  • Twitter Link
  • Please Provide The Name Of The Person Who Invited You To CCP (if there was one)

Each Author Will Receive:

  • Book Will Listed On Its Own Book Page.
  • Book Will Be Featured On Our Home Page (unspecified time).
  • Book Will Be In Our Genre Specific Book Directory.
  • Book Will Be Listed On Our CCP Special Book Listing Page In Our Book Directory.
  • Book Will Get One Post In Our Spotlight Directory.
  • Book Will Get One Promo Plug (In The Form Of A Note) On At Least One Of Our Facebook Pages.
  • Book Will Get One Promo Plug On Our Twitter Feed.

Single Book Listing ($30.00) On CCP Will Be Invoiced Through Pay Pal (with home page advantage).

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